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Advent 2018, day 2

The tea-lights are from my mum - she recently blogged about making them and had enough left over for some more sets, so I asked for one. They remind me of the advent candles she used to make - instead of buying one from a shop, some years she'd get a plain candle, write the numbers on it, and stick glitter and stars to the candle. These are even simpler - 24 tea lights, with different patterned washi tape stuck round the base of each one.

The holder I picked up in town on the 1st. Something about the crazed effect glass intrigues me - it's like it's been deliberately shattered and put back together.

Anyway, today's surprise from elemnar was more nice chocolate and another origami creation:

This one's a bit more complex and steps 4-5 took a bit of puzzling out. It doesn't help that I can't read whatever language that is (Japanese? Chinese?), but eventually I sussed it out and came up with a reindeer! It even balances upright!

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