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So the not-a-window in my flat turns out to actually be a window, as the windy weather decided to make clear today. And in doing so it blew everything off the windowsill and a nice piece of stained glass I picked up back in St Mawes ended up shattered on the ground outside. Sigh.

It's a bizarre feature - two of the windows in the flat are theoretically openable, except there's no handle fitted and they're secured shut. Or at least I thought they were - I've noticed that one shifts in the wind but never enough to actually open before.

Anyway, I went spelunking through the bag o' tools and found a suction cup to use to pull the window shut, pried a blanking plate off to reveal the slot that the handle would turn if there was one, and improvised my own handle with a screwdriver. That window is now definitely shut, and I can glue the blanking plate back on later.
Tags: fail, flat, real life

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