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Church A/V ramblings

It is cold out there - there was actually snow on top of Devil's Dyke last night!

I was late to housegroup tonight and turned up near the end of the bible study - housegroup clashed with music practice. I don't actually play any instruments or sing in the band at church, but I'm on the A/V team and so I like to turn up to music practice when it's my turn on the rota. I find it helps a lot when running projection if I've sung the songs beforehand and know how they flow (is there a pause between the verse and chorus or not? Are the band likely to repeat the last few lines? Will they launch straight into this song without an intro?).

As well as projection I'm starting to get involved with sound again, so far mainly for Messy Church where the sound is simultaneously easy and complicated. Easy in that the sound is generally a radio mic and a laptop (and rarely, a keyboard as well), complicated in that it's in the hall and so has to be set up from scratch using a portable mixer/amp along with some pieces borrowed from the main church. There's mutterings about adding some A/V infrastructure to the hall which would help - we may be getting some dedicated radio mics, assuming we can find channels that don't clash with the church mics. Radio mics have more range than most people expect, as St Mark's in Horsham discovered when the pub across the road had their quiz night ("And the Lord said *kkkssshhht* which football team won the 2005 world cup *kkkssshhht*").
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