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Jackbox 5

Classic FM threw up a rather eerie choice of music for the drive back from pasta night - An Ocean of Memories, from the Titanic soundtrack. This came on as I passed Coultershaw Bridge and continued for the climb over the downs past Duncton and through Upwaltham, with the moon illuminating a few wisps of cloud in the night sky. While I don't think I've heard this song before, the wordless singing seemed very familiar (and no, I don't mean the part that's the Titanic theme). I can't quite place which piece it reminds me of though.

Back to pasta night, and tonight's game was by overwhelming popularity Jackbox 5! We started off with the classic You Don't Know Jack, which was as bonkers as it was back when we played it in the Brighton house in 2006, huddled around Nik's computer. The Screw option seems to have been tamed down a bit - when we played it before, in one incarnation it let you fire a whole slew of screws into the screen as fast as you could hammer the keyboard, covering all the answers up. This time it just flipped everything upside down, which is a bit anti-climatic when one can workaround it by just rotating your phone 180 degrees. Somehow despite trailing for most of it I managed to claim a solid victory with the rapid-fire questions at the end.

Next up was Split The Room which is strange - you get a question with a fill-in-the-blank portion, and the aim is to complete the question such that half the room will answer Yes and the other half No. You get more points for the closer you are to a 50/50 split. I didn't quite get into the swing of this one and ended up last.

We then played Patently Stupid, wherein you get a prompt to design a silly invention and then have to pitch it to the room. Whoever gets the most investment (votes) at the end wins! In the second round we all get the same prompt - for us, it was something along the lines of "When you need more salad". My invention was a...

Salad Cannon! For when you need all the salad! Sadly while it did score enough to get investment (and bonus points), Jonners stole the win with his anti-salad statement:

Finally it was time for Mad Verse City, a game of epic robot rap battles read out by some very bored-sounding text-to-speech engines. In each round you get two pairs of a prompt for a word, followed by the game generating a line with it and getting you to add a rhyming line. It does rather put you on the spot with trying to come up with words that you can rhyme and then trying to fit your rhyme into whatever insanity the game came up with. Ultimately it came down to a duel between Kyle and Louise, with Kyle looking strong but getting demolished by Louise in the final round.
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