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British Rail perils

A couple of months ago Craig and I somehow managed to arrange a meetup with the entire ex-Brighton-House group - such a thing has not happened since, well, Brighton. Well... there was one meetup where Craig joined remotely, and another where Dan sent a photo of himself (which promptly got scribbled on), and I think we were all present for one or two weddings... but the last social get-together of all of us was quite possibly a pub meal on top of Devil's Dyke back in 2007.

Of course given that this is the Brighton House there was going to be some level of fail involved...

Dan: Rail links XX-YY appear pretty badly screwed up today. Currently estimating arrival ZZZZ...
Nik: Blargh trains :/  At least I'll see you for a bit before I have to disappear
Dan: Apparently we're down a driver at XX, so must change there. Should I tell them I probably have enough simulator time to drive the thing myself? :D
Craig: That would be the *best* way to arrive
Nik: Careful, at this point they'd probably hire you on the spot :|
Dan: They found us a driver. We shall go to the ball!
Craig: Hopefully Dan won't be a pumpkin
Dan: I am NEVER a pumpkin...
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