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Pasta Night!

'Twas something of a wild ride to get to pasta night - the drivers around Portsmouth seemed completely bamboozled by the rain, and later I crested Bury Hill to discover torrential downpours with sporadic lightning. Fun.

Anyway, tonight we had time for two games! First up was Wits & Wagers, essentially a betting/guessing game. Someone will draw a card with a number-based question, such as "How many cups of coffee does the average American drink in a year". Everyone writes a guess for the answer on a card and the guesses are all sorted. Then, each player gets to pick one or two answers that they think are closest. Finally the answer is revealed, and those who guess right get points. You get a better reward for answers further from the median. Kyle managed to storm to victory on that one with a succession of good guesses, combined with betting heavily later on (you can bet your points - if you're right, then those multiply your resulting score).

Afterwards I unleashed the Super Mario Bros Power Up Card Game upon the pasta night group - we quickly got the hang of the rules after playing a test round, and then got stuck into it in earnest. Louise was the surprise winner here - despite being passed a whole slew of terrible cards from Kyle, she managed to build up a war chest of question block cards and held on right to the very end. I think this is one we may play again.
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