Thomas (boggyb) wrote,

More karting!

Recently I joined jonners99_uk for a delayed birthday go-karting event, and for a change we went to an outdoor circuit at QLeisure near Hassocks on a cold but dry October day. Since it was an outdoor track, on a whim I fired up ViewRanger and did the session with my phone in my pocket recording a GPS track.

Trying to record karting laps with settings tuned for walking (sample every 5 seconds with minimum 33ft between samples) was not entirely successful...

Somewhere underneath that mess is a go-kart track. My karting is not that bad, honest!

The actual session was made up of a 10-min practice, 15-min qualifying and 15-min race with grid start. I qualified 2nd in the B team, took first place off the line, and if it wasn't for having to pit on lap two due to the pedals slipping back on the opening lap I could well have ended in the top three of the B team. As it was I managed to claw my way back up to 7th, which would put me at probably 20th out of 26 overall.
Tags: karting

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