Thomas (boggyb) wrote,

Pasta night!

We've come up with a new game at pasta night that I don't think I've blogged about before: Cards Against Apples. Basically you combine the prompt cards from Cards Against Humanity with the answer cards from Apples to Apples, and then play with the normal rules. The combination we find works very well - Cards Against Humanity gives you better prompts to play with, and Apples to Apples makes for less awkward and more fun answers.

We've also tried Apples Against Humanity but that doesn't work quite as well. The Cards Against Humanity answers don't fit well with the Apples to Apples prompts.

After that we still had some time and I've picked up one of the Jackboxes for the Switch ('twas on offer), so we hooked that up for a round of Fibbage and a couple more of Survive the Internet. Hilariously jonners99_uk managed to win the final game despite not actually taking part - he'd gone to do post-pasta-night tidying, but a mixup meant his phone was still active and so he joined in without being in front of the TV. I have considered running a remote session of Jackbox as it all goes through a central server and it looks like you get just enough information in the prompts to take part, though ideally I'd want to livestream the main window as that's the only one with the scoring.
Tags: gaming, pasta night

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