Thomas (boggyb) wrote,

Rafty McRaftFace

The local pub runs an annual raft race up Fareham Creek, so today I got together with elemnar and some of housegroup to watch it. After last night the clouds had cleared and the sun was shining, although it was very windy as more than one team discovered to their cost!

The local Round Table

PS Nautilus slowly deconstructed itself, losing fairings and at one point a whole paddle wheel

A viking longboat! They even had viking helmets and leg-warmers

Clearly something went very wrong here

HMS Biohazard, losing against the wind. Several times.

A somewhat better design

This one had a bicycle-powered paddle wheel at the back, which seemed to produce more spray than actual propulsion. As with many rafts, they ended up shedding paddlers as the competition went on...

The HawaiiWallington Five-0

Pub raft!

The Time Flies When You're Having Rum

This one's a barrel of laughs

And yet another bicycle-powered raft

SkoolKit, missing a couple of their paddlers

Another (very wet!) crew of Vikings!

On to the heats! Get ready...


The course is a simple there-and-back: paddle from the pub up the creek, touch the aggregates wharf, and then paddle back... into the teeth of a force 4 breeze, gusting force 6.

And the winner is... someone!

Next! Just need to wait for contestants to get back into their rafts (this was taken moments after someone fell off the leftmost raft)

Sadly the weather didn't hold - during the heats there was a light shower which scared about a third of the spectators away, and just after the final heat it absolutely pelted it down, driving the remaining spectators off. We elected to abandon raftpromenade and decamped to the Jarmans for a BBQ once the sun came out again - the shower probably lasted all of ten minutes, but was very heavy during that time. Not that it stopped the rafters - as we commented, they could hardly get any more wet!
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