Thomas (boggyb) wrote,

Prayer s'mores

Housegroup's continuing with a different style of prayers each week. This time it was Rachel's turn, and she had scoured the internet to come up with Prayer S'mores! It's partly my fault - walking back from church last Sunday, I challenged her to come up with something for prayers involving a barbecue, marshmallows, and wine gums - and this is the result.

You start with your base (we used chocolate chip digestives) which represents God. Then you add chocolate, which is God's love and so this is your opportunity to thank God for the good things. Next is the toasted marshmallow, which being very gooey represents the sticky things in life and is your chance to ask for God's help. Finally you end your s'more with another biscuit and end your prayer with Amen!

Probably not the most prayerful end to a housegroup evening, but definitely one of the tastier ones! Even if it is a bit weird eating your prayer - but then again, one person did comment that a few Baptist friends once shared an improvised communion in a campsite with grape juice and stale doughnuts...
Tags: housegroup

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