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Pasta night!

Tonight's pasta night was a bit different - instead of digging out a board game or two, the voteamabob overwhelming selected Jackbox! So we gathered round the TV with a collection of tablets and smartphones, and gave a few games a try (they're all fairly quick games to play).

First up was Bidiots, wherein everyone scribbles stick figure art and then enters an auction to bid on the art for various buyers in the hopes of turning the most profit. And, being a Jackbox game, part-way through the option to quite literally screw another player (by forcing them to bid) appears. Jonners and I mutually screwed each other in the hope of gaining lots of points for ourselves, but also inadvertently gave each other points as the artwork we bid on turned out to be high scoring.

Next was the Trivia Murder Party, wherein we all fail at answering trivia questions, fail at not getting our adorable sackcloth ghosts killed, and then fail at escaping the haunted mansion (except for Jonners who successfully fled the mansion by getting the last question right). The trivia questions were surprisingly hard in that one and I was first to get my ghost killed - got the first question one, then choose poorly on the try-not-to-die minigame.

For a change we moved away from Jackbox and instead tried Use Your Words, a fill-in-the-blank game. This felt a bit lacking compared to the Jackbox equivalents, but it had its moments - one of the modes is complete-the-subtitle wherein we get a few seconds of a B-movie clip to subtitle.

We then returned to Jackbox for Guesspionage, wherein Jackbox have used their vast network of surveillance robot hummingbirds (or perhaps just lots of online surveys) to work out the answer to such questions as "What percentage of the world has laughed at a Garfield strip?". The active player guesses a percentage, and then all the other players guess if the true answer is higher or lower - the active player gets points for accuracy, and the others get points for guessing right.

After that it was our old favourite from last time we played Jackbox: Survive the Internet. This one has a few different rounds but they all follow a similar theme: first off everyone gets a different prompt to submit a comment (or hashtag, or review). Then all the comments get shuffled, and each player gets shown a different one and picks what post (or tweet, or location) would make that the most awkward comment. Then it's off to voting, and you get points for the best burn (with whoever answered the original prompt getting a reduced amount of pity points). I don't know what this has that Use Your Words lacks, but this feels much snappier to play and much more fun.

Finally we gave Bracketeering a try - essentially it's a showdown where we all contribute to a bracket on a topic (such as "what is the worst bedtime story to avoid giving your child nightmares") followed by a series of duels where only the best answer may win. To mix things up you get to try and predict the result of each bracket for more points.

All in all a completely bonkers evening! It reminds me of playing the original You Don't Know Jack games at the Brighton house, all those years ago.
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