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Day 3 of computer dissection

Okay, I think I'm finally done juggling hardware. New setup is both disks are on seperate IDE channels on a Promise Ultra133 controller I've got, and the optical drives are sharing an IDE channel on the onboard controller. This leaves me with one IDE channel unused (onboard secondary), so I've disabled that channel.

Next is to get Windows and Norton up to date with patches. Win2kSP4, IE6SP1, and then whatever patches are left for that, then install Norton. Having a working laptop to act as an Internet gateway solves the firewall issue for now. Of course, I'll also have to add whatever tweaks I made for sability and performance back in. Plus find all my software CDs, and get those set up and configured.

I *was* planning on reinstalling Windows anyway around this sort of time, but I'd have preferred to be able to choose the time myself.

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