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I declare it to be summer

elemnar: That is a good way to declare summer has arrived!
elemnar: What's in the pot to the left of the tea?
boggyb: more tea :)
elemnar: Haha, of course!

For the scones I used a BBC food recipe, halved the ingredients as it's just me, and glazed them with milk as I don't have any eggs. They actually came out very well which was a pleasant surprise as this is the first time I've tried baking scones in ages.

The whipped cream (not butter, despite the phone's camera) was less successful - I'm not entirely convinced the shake-to-make-whipped-cream thing actually achieves whipped cream. It came out a bit like it was heading towards whipped cream (it was fluffier than the double cream I started with) but hadn't quite got there.
Tags: food, quote, recipe
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