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Green 1601: Chilling coast and Southsea in spring 2017

I swear I'm not intentionally making this a weekly thing... but here I am, another Sunday evening, and another random film.

boggyb: *turns on scanner*
Scanner: whirr whirr whirr THUNK BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ

Okay, there'll be short interlude while I open the scanner and give it another dose of PTFE lubricant...

Scanner: whirr whirr groan grumble whirr

Close enough. One of these days I'll pick up some degreaser and do the job properly by removing the existing gunk. Anyway, today's random film is another roll of Fujicolor 200 with the label Green 1601. I'm going with the Fuji Super HR 200 Gen 2 preset this time (insert standard rant about film negative colour correction).

Most of the photos on this roll were from a walk on a sunny spring afternoon in 2017 near Lee-on-Solent, heading from Thatcher's Copse towards the Chilling Cliffs. In photography terms this was one of my more successful outings - most photos that I took came out quite well, so prepare for incoming picspam!

Cross-posted to deviantArt

Cross-posted to deviantArt

A cruise liner leaving Southampton.

A bit of a contrast - the left-hand field muddy and barren, the right-hand green and growing crops.

Part of my reason for the walk was slowly but surely finding the local geocaches. There's a whole slew of ones themed around Auf Wiedersehen, Pet, most of which tend to be sneaky little micros such as this beastie.

Someone out to play from HMS Daedalus - I can't quite make out the registration.

A slightly less contrasting field.

Down at the seafront there were plenty of kitesurfers enjoying the wind.

Cross-posted to deviantArt

Cross-posted to deviantArt

I like how the wind has forced the gorse into a sort of tunnel over the path.

Just managed to get 4 kitesurfers in frame here - the wind was towing them back-and-forth at a good clip along the coast!

Cross-posted to deviantArt

Heading back inland now.

Beside the path was a tree in full bloom with a bench sheltering beneath it. It's a curious find - it's right in the middle of a field, and not on the main paths back to Titchfield (to get to it you have to detour from the Titchfield Canal). Engraved on the back of the bench is "rest and be thankful".

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Trying for a macro photo of the blossom was tricky - it was rather windy, and the 35-105mm Nikkor lens doesn't have much depth-of-field in macro mode. I did actually try an even closer photo but that ended up mostly out-of-focus.

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Bonus photos! A week or two later some friends from housegroup made a spontaneous outing to Southsea for fish and chips at the seafront. I had a few frames left to take on the roll, so I brought the Nikon with me to finish the film off.

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