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Day 1 of Computer Dissection

Lessons learnt so far in the dissecting of this computer:

Knoppix doesn't seem to like it if I unplug my hard disks and then boot from the second cd drive.
My main cd drive is either dying as well (probably through a dislike of being run on its side, though it was happy enough when knoppix was working) or does not like it when i unplug my hard disks.
The Promise IDE controller takes forever to do disk detection if there are in fact no disks (or, more accurately, an unpowered disk).
Oh, and the IBM either has a very mangled file system, or its dying (and the disk utility for it refuses to admit that).

Of course, I could have a dead stick of memory.

Current plan of action is to install Win2k to the Maxtor drive on the Promise controller, then run a brute-force xcopy (runas LocalSystem, copy everything, continue on errors) to the Maxtor drive, doing all of this with the data drive disconnected. Then run a low-level format on the failing disk and see if that makes it behave.

If anyone knows a way to mount either a disk or a NTFS partition read-only under Win2k, then I'd be very grateful. Hopefully that way all I'll need to worry about will be read errors.

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