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Batten down the hatches

It's a tad windy tonight. No phonecall from the Environment Agency (yet), but a flood alert has materialised on their website...

The forecast tide is higher than normal.

Time and date of high water: 11:45 on 03/01/2018
Predicted astronomical tide level: 2.26 mAOD
Forecast surge height: 0.33 m
Forecast high water level at Portsmouth: 2.59 mAOD or 5.32 mCD
Forecast wind direction: Westerly
Forecast wind strength: Force 8

Interestingly they're warning about tomorrow's high tide, which looking at the astronomical prediction is higher than tonight's (and that's before you take the storm surge into account). I wonder if it'll be high enough for me to have a moat again?
Tags: floods, weather

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