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Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Overall opinion: definitely going for a more comedic approach than Rogue One or The Force Awakens. Still gets a 👍. Anyway, here's a collection of random spoilery thoughts and amusements:

Snoke: "Take that silly thing off" to Lord Dark Helmet Kylo Ren. Snoke is basically Bison from the Street Fighter film.

Princess Leia surviving the bridge being destroyed - it's such a cop-out and was oh so very over-the-top, especially with the Mary Poppins-esque gliding back to the ship.

BB-8's automatic slot machine gun! I wonder if the writers have played Professor Layton?

The backstory with Kylo Ren. I've been going on a bit of an El Goonish Shive archive binge recently and there's one side arc where a character says "you know half of a sad story" - that quote was running through my mind after the first flashback and so the second didn't surprise me. Of course then the writers upped their game with the third flashback.

Weaponising the hyperdrive - completely ignores canon (which would just have the hyperspace jump failing non-spectacularly), but still cool.

General Hux: "Do you think you got him?"
Cinema: *chuckles*

General Hux: "No you can't do that---" *gets force slammed into wall*
Pilot: "Right away sir"
Cinema: *laughs*
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