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Atmospheric driving

I've taken to listening to the radio on journeys to and from pasta night - heading there I usually get to listen to Radio 1's Ten Minute Takeover somewhere around Chichester, and until recently my soundtrack for the return journey was the Huw Stephens show. Normally that's a mix of pop and rock, but a while back Huw Stephens picked something a bit more atmospheric...

Forest Swords - Congregate (official visual)

Now traffic is normally very light on the trip back from Jonners' given the late hour of the evening, but on that night the roads were unusually clear. It was rather eerie listening to that as I passed Portsmouth at 11pm, wondering where all the other cars were.

Advent Tea update:

Detox (tastes... interesting, couldn't work out what was in it)
Lemon Drizzle green tea (rather sweet, I think I prefer the non-Drizzle variant)
Tags: driving, music, pasta night, radio

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