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NaBloPoMo result

It's somewhat ironic - I had so many plans of varying degrees of cunningness for NaBloPoMo, and in the end hardly used any of them. Disregarding the traditional filler posts (Guy Fawkes, Remembrance Day, the LJ Comments Meme, and the obligatory poll) I only made two Zelda blogs, scanned one film, and didn't dissect a single Magic deck. Admittedly some days were easier than others - Monday is always good for a pasta night gaming blog, and Wednesday provides the odd bit of bible study from housegroup - and there was a fair amount of last-minute filler and ramblings to bump up the post count (and a handful of fudged timestamps). But still, this seems like one of my more successful NaBloPoMo months.

The question now, as always, is will this blog descend back into radio silence for December or will I somehow manage to keep up some level of blogging? There does seem to be a cyclical effect where NaBloPoMo gets me blogging again, but it then quickly fades off and by the next summer the posts are few and far between. Perhaps I should try and do a regular schedule of posts (say Tuesday gets a Zelda update, Magic happens on Wednesday, Friday becomes Film Friday, ...)? I don't intend to repeat last year's daily advent calendar posts, though tea miniblogs may become a thing (I have seen my advent calendar from elemnar and it is intriguing...) and I really ought to blog more snippets of real life randomness. I sit on potential posts for far too long and then they just don't happen.
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