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Every puzzle has an answer

My latest distraction is Layton's Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaire's Conspiracy (because I clearly don't have enough in-progress games at the moment - how many Zelda games was I blogging again?), which is the latest incarnation in the Layton series. It's an interesting twist on the classic Layton gameplay - there's definitely a much more episodic style to it, in that there's a series of individual cases with an overall plot thread running through all of them. The puzzles seem to have less importance to the plot, though the game still throws no end of them at you to solve.

It puts me much more in mind of a Phoenix Wright game than a Professor Layton one.

That said, this game has an unusual twist in that there's a tie-in website with 50 real-world puzzles to find and solve. Some of those puzzles are surprisingly tricky!
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