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'Twas brillig, and the slithy toves did gyre and gimble in the wabe [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Not so SMART numbers [Wednesday 11th May 2005 at 9:38 am]

[Playing |God Put A Smile Upon Your Face ~ Coldplay/A Rush Of Blood To The Head]

Certain numbers to do with the SMART status of the system disk here have just got worse (and it's done that "wedge the IDE bus for a bit while it thinks about stuff" trick a couple more times. I'm getting a few errors and warnings from atapi and disk in the event log (and those are ones that you really don't want to see). Hmm.

Ironically, a disk I recently added was in fact one of the two spare disks my dad had in case one died (he held on to the larger one).

Update: Windows just presented me with this:
Delayed Write Failed : Windows was unable to save all the data for the file \Device\HarddiskVolume1\Program Files\WindowsUpdate\wuaudnld.tmp\cabs\com_microsoft.894320_W2K_SP5_x86_WinSE_154269\Windows2000-KB894320-x86-ENU.EXE. The data has been lost. This error may be caused by a failure of your computer hardware or network connection. Please try to save this file elsewhere.

I am not amused. Now where did I leave my DriveImage disks...
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