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I ended up playing a weird game of Ankh-Morpork with the family this evening - for once, none of us had one of the Lords (win condition: control of areas) as our player card. The Gnu played as Dragon, King of Arms (win condition: lots of trouble), allegramente had Lord Vetinari (win condition: lots of minions), I was Chrysoprase (win condition: lots of money) and elemnar drew Commander Vimes (win condition: empty the draw deck). Vimes won, as he does so often, with me causing the last card to be drawn at the end of my turn, but as it happened the rest of us were all a turn or two away from a win. I needed another two turns - one to get enough money and one to actually win. The Gnu would in fact have won if I hadn't ended the game as I ended my turn with enough trouble markers on the board (and I didn't have any way to reduce them). And allegramente was only a turn or two away from adding enough minions to win as Vetinari.

It all made for a very strange game as no-one seemed to be particularly trying for any of the potential win conditions, or attempting to shut down anyone else's win condition. Abut the only overtly defensive action that occurred was The Gnu breaking a potential win by me as Vetinari by moving one of my minions into a space with a dungeon dimension demon, otherwise nothing really stood out as being especially aggressive (of course minions were assassinated all over the place, but that's par for the course in Ankh Morpork!).
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