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So a while back I was coding away at work, listening to the Break From This World album by Globus. My MP3 player started playing Doomsday, an epic end-of-the-world rock track that begins aggressively and builds even more over 3 or so minutes to reach a crescendo before abruptly ending in silence for the next track.

This time, however, in the silence that followed there was a very bright flash of lighting outside the window followed almost instantly by a loud KRACK-KOOM! of thunder, perfectly timed to match the beat of the music. If I hadn't seen the reflection of the lightning I would have been convinced the thunder was from my MP3 player - as it was, I did ask my colleague if they saw the lightning too. That was the only bit of thunder that day as well.

I must admit, that coincidence was a little bit scary.

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