Thomas (boggyb) wrote,

Red 7189: Red Arrows over Goodwood 2014

Bonus post!

Today's random film Red 7189 - a fitting identifier, as it's got these chaps in it. This is from a few years back when I spotted that the Red Arrows and the Vulcan were going to display at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. It was not long after Father's Day which elemnar and I hadn't done anything for yet, so we came up with a sort of delayed Father's Day outing for The Gnu to go and watch it. This was very much planned at the last moment so we didn't actually visit the Festival of Speed, but instead trundled off to The Trundle, an iron age hill fort on the Downs north of Chichester that's well placed to see the display (allegramente posted about it at the time). I brought the F-301 and a couple of rolls of film (though it looks like allegramente may have managed better photos with her cellphone!), and here's the first of the two films!

This one just has the Red Arrows in it - film Red 7190 (which I need to rescan as VueScan decided to change the colour correction settings it was using halfway through) also has the Vulcan.

Tags: film, photography, red arrows

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