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Pasta night!

I'm not quite sure what's going on, but the past couple of trips to pasta night have been weird. The M27 eastbound was full of spontaneous near-standstill queues with people doing silly things on lane changes, and both trips have involved surprise!police. Last week I was trundling along the A285 when I spotted a distant pair of blue lights in the mirror - this turned out to be a police car in a hurry, who ended up chasing me for a couple of corners before overtaking me on Duncton Hill and vanishing into the distance (perhaps I could have pulled over, but in the dark I wasn't sure where I could safely do so while I did know that there was a nice straight bit of road coming up with good sightlines for overtaking). And today while descending towards Upwaltham (along a nice long sweeping bend that the Alfa will happily take at 60mph) I found another surprise collection of blue lights going to the aid of someone who had taken the corner a bit too fast and left the road.

Anyway, today was Pasta Night with SCIENCE BREAD! This time we used most of a head of garlic, three large dollops of butter and a generous helping of parsley to fill a pair of tiger bread batons and the verdict was unanimous: very yummy, and very garlicky. We almost ran out of garlic butter near the end so perhaps another chunk of butter will do the trick.

After that it was time for gaming, and Paddy brought a new one: Formula D. The aim is to complete a single lap around Monaco, with attention paid to choice of gear (which affects which dice you roll for movement) and wear & tear (which affects whether you survive to the end or not). It's an interesting mix of strategy, gambling, and plain luck as you try to work out if it's worth dropping a gear to take a corner slower and ensure you stop within it, or rolling a faster die and accepting the damage from missing the corner. I came second-to-last thanks to a collection of unhelpful die rolls resulting in me losing a lot of places in the 2nd half of the lap - but not last, as Paddy went for broke on the final corner, rolled unexpectedly highly, and precisely ran out of wear points on the start/finish straight!
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