Thomas (boggyb) wrote,

Ocarina of Time: Ice Cavern

Having sorted out the Gorons, it's now time to fix the mess Ganondorf made of Zora's Domain by freezing it (and the Zoras within). So it's off to the Ice Cavern to get the Iron Boots (which are only heavy when Link wears them)!

For a small single-floor dungeon it's surprisingly complex. The mechanic here is melting hunks of red ice with special blue fire that can be carried in bottles, but with the very limited bottle supply there's a lot of backtracking needed to melt all the ice that's in my path. The sliding block puzzle (it's Zelda game, of course there'll be a sliding block puzzle) in the penultimate room is also rather tricky as it's ice-based, and counter-intuitively to solve it I had to intentionally push the sliding block off the edge to make it respawn. I don't think you can complete the puzzle without doing so.

Finally I get to what is one of my favourite moments in Ocarina of Time: the starry room in the middle of the Ice Cavern, and the meeting with Sheik that follows. I can't quite place my finger on it, but there's just something about this room that I really like - the way the walls suggest an endless expanse of stars. In the N64 version the room design was very simple (I think I described it to elemnar as "the unfinished room"), but the 3DS has taken things much further with ghostly ice crystals stretching into infinity. In some ways it's a bit like the "Lost in Space" custom Rollercoaster Tycoon track.

Anyway after the enigmatic meeting with Sheik (which is a little different to usual - this time rather than just giving me a cryptic verse he also tells me about the plight of the Zoras), it's off to the Water Temple which is simultaneously my favourite and the most frustrating dungeon in all of the Zelda universe.

Time passes, people move... Like a river's flow, it never ends...
Tags: ocarina of time, zelda

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