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Ocarina of Time: Fire Temple

Wasn't I trying to blog Let's Play's of several Zelda games or something...?

One on a high mountain...

The first time elemnar and I ever played Ocarina of Time we were borrowing it from some friends and weren't able to keep the cartridge for that long. So I found a walkthrough on GameFAQs, reformatted it to not take up umpteen bajillion pages, and then between the two of us we charged through the game. For some dungeons the walkthrough was particularly useful to avoid unnecessary backtracking and in a few the route has stuck with me. So in this case I know precisely which way to go at the start to meet Darunia, who's on his way to try and take on the dragon Volvagia... without the legendary hammer.

Somehow I don't think that ended well for him.

Come to think of it, I don't think you meet any of the sages outside the Sacred Realm after you conquer the corresponding temple and they awaken as a sage. Rauru is stuck in the Temple of Light in the middle of the Sacred Realm, Saria and Impa you never meet in the adult timeline, Ruto swims away, and Nabooru is teleported somewhere by the Gerudo witches. It's always left open as to what happens, but here it's very strongly suggested that Darunia was killed by the dragon as when you finally get the boss key and go through the door he took, he's nowhere to be seen. Ocarina of Time can be a surprisingly dark game at times.

Anyway, enough of that. The rest of the temple is a variation on the usual fetch quest - I've got a collection of Gorons to free, most of which are in cells that conveniently contain chests with small keys... which writing this now strikes me as a very bizarre way of securing a dungeon. Eventually I get right to the top of one of the two towers (which I think are actually the pair of smoking peaks inside Death Mountain Crater - unlike the Forest Temple there's no warped geometry, and the physical layout all fits) and have to race against a timed shock switch to get to the chest with the hammer before a circle of fire reappears around it. I remember fighting with the hookshot aiming on the N64 to try and manage this - it's a lot easier with modern gyro aiming! Before returning to the boss room I took a detour to the other tower - in the room with all the boulders you can get Pierre to appear by playing the Scarecrow's Song in the right place, and then hookshot across to take a platform up to the peak. Then there's another race against a fire circle to get... a golden rupee? Well that was a bit of a waste of time with the limited wallet. Still, there's also a Golden Skulltulla to claim.

Finally it's down to the depths of the dungeon and into the boss room to have a crack against Volvagia. In past attempts I've found this a very hard battle - taking hits from boulders raining from the ceiling, getting swiped by the dragon's head by being too near when it plays what elemnar calls "whack-a-dragon", or just not being quick enough and taking a fireball to the face while trying to get close enough to hit it. So I was pleasantly surprised when this time I dodged all the boulders, avoided the head with perfectly timed backflips before jumping forward to whack it with the hammer, and judged the range just right to avoid it's fire breath. I don't think it took that many hits with the hammer to defeat Volvagia.

Isn't that funny, Brother?
Well, this must be what they call destiny.

Darunia, Sage of Fire
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