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Electoral propaganda

Well, I'm catching up on the various party propagandas, having been isolated from the influence of them by virtue of not having a TV. The BBC has a very nice interface to their various election-related videos, and I am impressed by the effectiveness of RealPlayer (yeah, I can easily hear and see the loss in quality, but there's little loss in clarity of speech, which is what matters).

Labour say "vote for us or the Tories will win."

The Conservatives say "vote for us to send a message to Labour."

The Lib Dems say "There was once a boy, who thought there was a wolf..."

UKIP have some giant squid attempting to take over London.

The Green Party say... well, I'm not sure what they say, as Windows just ate an iexplore process, the two broswer windows associated with that, and my realvideo stream. Ah well, fire up Task Manager, find the process, and kill it. I'll say this for windows, it's generally pretty good at letting you kill errant processes with a quick >clickety-click<.

Well, if I was voting purely on amusement factor from the party election broadcasts, I'd go for Lib Dem. Seriously, it's worth watching their one.

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