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It'd look very silly if I failed to post something on the first day of NaBloPoMo, so I'm not going to do that.

Even if doing so involves a remote desktop connection to my PC (because I haven't unpacked the laptop, and why use a web interface when one can use an actual desktop app with twice the functionality in a tenth of the ram).

Anyway. NaBloPoMo! I have several ideas and somewhat cunning plans for this year. I may even reuse ideas from past years (I never did complete last year's post theme, or the one before, or the one before...). But for today, you get entirely original content:

The short answer is up in Horsham, as it's time for the annual car service and I've got some holiday that needs using up. So yesterday I dropped the car off, and The Gnu and I spontaneously decided to head into Lewes for lunch. It's actually been a long time since I was last there - I used to work in Lewes, once upon a time, but that job was over a decade ago and it's probably been more than 5 years since I visited. And even when I was working I tended not to venture far from the offices at the Southover end of town. So when we went exploring yesterday The Gnu showed me The Needlemakers, which is a fascinating place. It's full of random indie shops and craft studios, and as you head deeper into it you discover an absolute Aladdin's Cave of a store that just keep going on and on (I'd swear that warped geometry is involved).

In the evening we met for elemnar for what turned out to be a weird game of Settlers of Catan with a distinct lack of resources. Sometimes the dice just don't like you.

Today elemnar had the day off, so she joined myself and The Gnu for a trip up to Wakehurst Place. This, along with the nearer Nyman's Gardens, used to be a childhood favourite of ours - we'd take a picnic, eat it under the gazebo, go haring around the mansion lawns and the garden paths, and eventually end with an ice cream in the stables restaurant. It's also been some time since we'd visited but not as long as Lewes, and the place has changed over the years. There's a new (well, not-so-new now) visitor centre at the entrance, the stable restaurant is now fully enclosed, and of course the plants and trees have grown somewhat. Walking round was a wonderful mix of remembering old paths and discovering new ones, with elemnar leading the way via Pokémon Go and a collection of Pokéstops for interesting sculptures.

Tonight allegramente joined in with us for a game of Settlers, this time with the Seafarers expansion playing the Fog Islands scenario. It was another weird game (all our family games tend to have weird gameplay) as we set sail for the hidden island to never quite discover what we wanted (The Gnu found both sea hexes which he deemed was most unfair). I initially stayed on the starting islands and built up a resource base there while the others quickly headed out to the middle - this I think hindered me a little early on, but I managed to snag a pair of 2:1 ports for decent probability resources and that helped with construction. In the end it came down to a race between myself and The Gnu as to who could claim the final victory point first - the answer was me as I managed to build both a city and an additional settlement for 13 points!
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