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New tyres plz

So I got home from work today, and as I parked up I thought the car was leaning slightly oddly to one side. It normally looks like that anyway when I'm in the driver's seat - some sort of optical illusion - but this time it turned out that the car really was leaning, and that was because the right rear was quite definitely flat (0.25 bar!). That's irritating.

That's especially irritating as I was just about to replace the fronts as they've not got much tread left, and the cunning plan was to rotate the rears to the fronts and then put new tyres on the rear. Can't really do that with a flat rear, so it's new tyres all round!

Now I just need to sort out the new tyres - do I get a mobile outfit to turn up and do it, or do I empty a can of tyre weld into the thing and (carefully!) trundle round to a local tyre bay? And can I still get Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance boots or not? Decisions, decisions...
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