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Today's discovery is that fake Amiibos are a thing

I spotted a Smash Bros Mario Amiibo for a non-insane price in the local second-hand games shop so I picked it up and got home only to discover that the 3DS refused to read it, claiming error code 037-0523 (which at time of posting didn't appear anywhere on Google). The WiiU gave a different error - 168-0409 - which according to Nintendo translates as "it's broken", and the Switch just stated that it wasn't an Amiibo.

So back to the shop with it for a refund, where they looked rather puzzled for a bit before remembering some email from head office - apparently there's a few fake Amiibos circulating and they think this is one of them. It did look a bit tatty with some scuff marks on the paint but I'd just assumed that was wear and tear.

The weird thing is that it did have a NFC tag in it, just not one with the necessary Amiibo coding. I mean, if someone's going to go to the trouble of making a fake Amiibo then why would they bother putting a non-Amiibo NFC tag in it? What's the point?
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