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Using Hilbert Curves to 100% Zelda

Today's random link for the Zelda geeks on my flist: Using Hilbert Curves to 100% Zelda.

I had been wondering how to handle tracking down the last few collectibles. My normal approach is to either keep a log of where I find items or to take a printout from a FAQ/walkthrough and tick off items as and when I find them - either way I can easily work out what I'm missing by comparing against my found list - but I hadn't done that for Breath of the Wild. Not that I think it would have helped as there's a ludicrous [Spoiler (click to open)]900 Korok Seeds to track down and those are absolutely everywhere. Shrines are a bit easier, though every time I think I've found the last shrine (based on hitting a round number or a given set of heart containers) I discover another one somewhere - I think the total is [Spoiler (click to open)]120. And what I hadn't realised until I read the linked post is that discovering landmarks also counts to that 100% and there's a fair number of those as well.
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