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Driving hilarity with pasta night

Today's driving hilarity was someone who tailgated me through Coldwaltham, followed fairly closely along Bury, and on the approach to Bury Hill pulled out to overtake... then dropped behind as they failed to maintain speed up the twisty turny hill.

I'm driving at the speed limit on the approach to the hill, so why is it no-one ever seems to expect me to continue to drive at the same speed as I climb it?

Anyway, on to pasta night and games. We had a full house this time and so split into two groups - one lot played Scotland Yard while the other played Boss Monster. Scotland Yard is a surprisingly good game given that Jonners got it for 50p in a charity shop. It's set in London and the premise is one player is Mr (or Mrs) X and is trying to avoid being captured by the remaining players. Mr X has an advantage in that their moves are mostly hidden, so while the other players know how Mr X moved (by taxi, bus or tube) they don't know where Mr X is (though every few turns Mr X must reveal their current location). We've ended up playing it for three weeks running now, with varying levels of success (Sarah's the current record holder with 16 turns as Mrs X, while I failed at trying to sneak past Jonners. Matt managed to break free from the net and almost escaped before foolishly moving right into Beth's path).

Over in Boss Monster land, Paddy convincingly won the first round by focussing purely on attracting Fighters and splatting them with high damage Monster Rooms, then late game dropping a Dragon Hatchery to attract other hero types. Beth came second (with a Crushinator-powered dungeon - that card is overpowered) and my dungeon never really got anywhere. On the next round, Jonners replaced Beth and we ended up neck-and-neck for a while until I managed to attract two turns worth of heroes and splatted most of them to go from 5 to 10 points in one turn.
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