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Facebook fail

I think I've cracked Facebook's approach to deciding what to show in the laughably-named News Feed...

A friend liked a bunch of photos uploaded by someone you've never heard of: OMG THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN YOUR LIFE EVER IT'S SO IMPORTANT THAT IT MUST APPEAR MULTIPLE TIMES

A friend posted that they're moving house: whatevs, no-one cares, let's just pretend that post never happened

Trying to sort by Most Recent is in some ways worse because while things are sorted correctly, Facebook then picks a different random selection of important posts to hide and pointless likes to show. And then after a couple of refreshes reverts back to Top Stories without telling you, because obviously something that happened a week ago is far more important than what your friends just posted.

It doesn't help that Facebook randomly change the interface every few months and so all the advice online is woefully out of date. It's almost as if Facebook don't actually want to make a useful service...
Tags: rant

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