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So yeah, update time!

So yeah, update time!

Not much has been going on at chez BoggyB recently, apart form me cursing at the desktop. Yep, the graphics drivers merely *pretended* to work. As soon as I tried to play Freelancer, it started up, played the intro movies (which I skipped, not whishing to see the same 3-minute story over and over again), and then locked solid. $%^$^&%^&*%$£*%&*!

The laptop is biding its time... I can feel the resentment growing in it. It's recently taken to having severe disagreements with the 802.11b card - it works fine if there's oodles of signal, it works fine in ad-hoc mode (only problem is if someone has a 'standards-plus' POS, in which case the order the cards are powered up *is* significant), it falls over if the signal is marginal and lies to me. Come to think of it, it lies to me anyway.

See, there's two lights: a LINK light and an ACTIVITY light. The activity light flashes constantly and bears no relation to actual network traffic. The link light bears little relation to whether or not the card's actually on speaking terms with the uni's AirPorts - it can be on and the card will refuse to pass even a single ARP, or it can be off and it'll be saturating the ether with my packets. Never mind that at times it'll get uppitiy and refuse to let the laptop hibernate.

Oh, and the IBM Access Connections software seems to have trouble changing from DHCP to static IP and back. A forced disconnect/reconnect will usually solve it, and it happens with the onboard network, so I'm willing to put that one down to the spawn of Redmond deciding to have it's way with all networks.

Still, on the plus side, it makes a great DVD player. I spent last night through to this morning watching The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (good film, think Wild Wild West but with believable gadgets that just happen to be a half a century or so early) on it, on battery, with earphones. I estimate that I could just watch a 3-hour DVD if I was careful with the power settings (i.e. screen brightness all the way down, quiet volume, and force-clock the CPU down). IBM know how to make laptops.

What else... well, progress is being made on somewhere to stay for next (uni) year. I'm going to look round a house tomorrow, and check about rent and such. So that's all coming together. The only downside will be if my computer decides to infect theirs with it's malevolent attitude to hardware (not so much damaging hardware as merely arranging that it doesn't work properly... early on in the life of the computer, it ate one of my registry files which did not make me happy. More recently, it's become offended by my Creative SB Live card, and appears to be taking revenge). I'm sure I can make it behave with suitable threats involving a set of Philips screwdrivers...

I've also now been given the first assignment for the Data Structures course, which (so far) is all about stacks, queues, dynamic versions of them, and linked versions of them. Fun.

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