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Pasta night

It's been a while since I've done a real life post...

Today's games of choice were Smallworld and Ticket To Ride (which I think we've played every week for the past month, due to it scoring generally well on the Voteamabob). I joined the Ticket To Ride group and came a respectable second thanks to completing all my tickets and claiming longest train (with all bar three trains as part of it), but Vicki easily won with a good half-dozen completed tickets including two 20-point ones and a 19-point one. Afterwards, I dug out a new crazy headline game I'd spotted in Waterstones and we gave it a go. It went down quite well with us coming up with various bonkers headlines, and I can see us playing it again as a quick end-of-the-night game (in the same way we sometimes end with Coup or Love Letter).
Tags: pasta night

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