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Red 1022: Battle Abbey 2007, the moon, sunsets

Random film time! I have things to do and so I'm procrastinating by feeding another negative to the scanner.

Today's mystery film is... Red 1022, a roll of Boots-branded Fujicolor 200 from 2007. How do I know it's from 2007? Well, because it's the follow-up film to this set with the rest of the Battle Abbey photos. Come to think of it I ought to be able to date this very accurately as I also took a digital camera with me... lemme dig through the archives. Yep, 16th August 2007 according to the EXIF data. That was only a few days before I moved out of the student house I shared at Sussex and left Brighton for pastures new.

Peering through the trees at the Abbey.

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Random sky photo.
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Looking across the battlefield.

The ruins of Battle Abbey.

Underneath the Abbey.

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And now for something completely different - a photo of the moon! These were likely with the 500mm mirror lens and to squash the noise in the scan I've set the black point in VueScan to 95% and white point to 0% (instead of the 1%/1% I was using earlier).
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These photos of magpies from my first flat in Fareham I suspect were also taken with the mirror lens - it tends to produce muted sky colours with noticeable vignetting.

Finally, some more sky photos, of a particularly vivid autumn sunset...

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