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Baarakiss + May 5th = Election themed email

Remember this? Well, he's back, and he says Vote Labour... or Else!

From: Baarakiss Droma
Date: Monday, 25 April 2005
To: (addresses removed)
Subject: Baarakiss + May 5th = Election themed email

Dear All,
It is at this late hour of the election that I consider it necessary to write to you all in the hope that I might help to convince some of you to do what, in my opinion, is the most important thing that any of us can ever do in our lives.

On May 5th this country has to make a decision, do we want to continue living in country run by a Labour government, or would we rather live under Michael Howard’s Conservatives, for although there are over 170 parties running in this election the reality is that these are the only two parties with the ability to form a government. The Tories are the only REAL alternative to the Labour party. Unfortunately what this means is that any left-wing voter who votes against the Labour party whether they vote Lib-Dem, Respect or BNP are doing exactly the same thing, voting Conservative, in a similar way that a Tory voter who votes for UKIP, Veritas or Socialist Workers Party is voting Labour. The end result is that a protest vote against Labour being too Tory is a vote to have the Tories in power in the same way that it is illogical own a hand gun to protest against those who supports the right to bear arms, how ironic.

Personally I don’t like the Labour campaign so far, I think that it has been too negative, when this Labour government has a history of acts to be proud of; the New Minimum Wage, employment initiatives, investment in the community, SureStart, investment in health, cutting of waiting-lists, investment in education, record levels of policemen, low crime rates, economic stability (even during a global recession following 9/11), devolution, the Good Friday agreement. Perhaps these things have been over-emphasised a bit over the last eight years, but think where you and your country would be without them, we were for a period of eighteen years. At this point the cunning amongst you may well be saying ‘well domestic policy may be fine, but foreign policy is a disgrace.’ Really? How many people are wearing MakePovertyHistory bands? A policy which would have been impossible without this government’s support, a government which cancelled third world debt to this country and is using its Presidency of the European Union and G8 to try and eliminate it multilaterally and to try to make real commitments to Africa. The Labour party has also managed to build up international friendship after the divisive attitudes of Margaret Thatcher, carefully thought-out action and diplomacy, it was this party that signed the Kyoto Protocols and has been following a pro-environment agenda in the European Union as well as the world. For many the real black-spot on Labour’s foreign policy has been War, indeed perhaps it was wrong of the United Kingdom to enter Sierra Leone to stop the rebels who raped and amputated the limbs of entire villages; something the Tories had the chance to do and declines. Perhaps it was wrong of the government end the genocide that had been going on for years in Kosovo against countless Albanians. Or our attempts to stop Saddam in 1998 from atrocious actions. Yet it is the War on Terror that most people dislike the most, I am not sure that the women and ethnic minorities in Afghanistan would agree with you on that one. Having grown up during the Gulf War there was one man who to me appeared to be synonymous with evil in my formative years, a man who tested chemical weaponry on his own people, who persecuted ethnic and religious minorities, a man who punished those who disagreed with him, and their families with torture and death, including members of his own family, a man who mutilated men so that they could be used a doubles to face assignation rather then himself, a man who used money designated for schools, hospitals, children and the poor to provide a wealthy living worthy of Solomon. It is with no remorse that I can say that Saddam Hussein is in jail and his people are free, for the first time, to hold elections, same as our own.

As to whether Tony Blair lied, the famous Roman Statesman Tacticus once said that everyone should tell the truth except those in power, as they are the only ones who can fully know the implications of their action. I do not know if he was right in saying this, neither do I see it as right to tell you whether or not Mr Blair lied, you of course have to make your minds for yourself, but personally I am going to side with the two independent judicial inquires, the product of a system specifically designed to prevent the manipulation of Judges, especially by governments and parliaments.

Earlier I criticised the negative campaigning of my party, but there is truth to it, this country stands on the brink of electing a new Conservative party, a party run by a man who is further to the right then Margaret Thatcher herself. They famously plan £35 billion of cuts from our health system, our education system, our police force, our fire service, our weal, our poor and our elderly, a point which Howard Flight was keen to point our as being the thin end of the Conservative wedge, and all at the time when average incomes are at a record high. But this is just one area of Conservative party policy, students would be forced to payback their loans at Commercial rates, I don’t know about you but this would bankrupt me, especially at the 15% interest rates the last Conservative government had. With such high education costs I doubt that we will be seeing many scientists, senior policemen, judges, doctors, nurses or dentists just as we are all hitting old age, the Tories say that labour is following a buy now pay later policy, but the systems proposed by the Conservatives would lead to short-term profit followed by long-term disaster not for Michael Howard, he will die before it occurs, but for our generation. Furthermore their return to the Boom and Bust policies of yesterday would almost certainly see the end of ninety percent of all new businesses and the collapse of a third of British manufacturing, just like it did before. This would mean a return to high unemployment, a position which as former minister of employment Michael Howard knows all too well. Their idea of removing us from Human Rights agreements would make us one of a handful of nations without it, best buddies with Cuba, North Korea, Saudi Arabia and Iran. The Conservative Party who voted almost unanimously for the Iraq War would once again be in a position to do untold damage to Britain and our position on the world stage.

Michael Howard, the man who would be Prime Minister had major calls for resignation from his own party over his actions involving a tide of deaths in Prisons while he was the Home Secretary, a job he did all to well considering the rise in crime under his steering hand. This is the man who instituted the poll tax, a policy which saw violent protests, just as the poll tax had done 700 years before. The Romanian economic migrant who would deny those seeking asylum a place on British soil. A man whose own junior minister said there was ‘something of the night about him.’ If this man gets in I am going to finish my degree abroad, rather then watch this country take fear and prejudice as the standard and watch eight years of work turn to shit. Still, even Hong Kong might not be far enough, just think what Bush and Howard could do together on the world stage, I shudder at the prospect.

A vote for the Labour party is not a vote for the Iraq War like the opportunism of the Liberal Democrats would have you believe, it is a hope that Britain (and I apologise for using the cliché) would go forward not back. We have a good thing going in this country, why end it now when I have assurances from the party that this is going to be very much ‘Mr Brown’s term.’

But just voting for Labour on a national level is not enough, without the coordination of government between both national and local levels there can’t be real work done on constituency levels; of course you will live in a better country, but without the enormous benefits of a unified political body. Those of us who are students are privileged in that we can vote in two local elections, as we live in two constituencies, take advantage of this, and make sure that you benefit from good local government wherever you are.

Congratulations, I am surprised, but you have actually managed to survive a full-scale rant of mine, in total it comes to 1662 words, including these ones. But finally I must point out the most important reason to vote Labour on May 5th. If you don’t do it then I will find out, and will be forced to kill a puppy for each and every one of those votes, the thought is unbearable, but I am a desperate man, so don’t be a monster, vote Labour on May 5th, do it for the puppy.

Thank you for your time.

Reposted with permission


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