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Breath of the Wild, dungeons 2 & 3

I'm giving the initials of the dungeon names here as it appears the next few can be done in more than one order. Yay wide-open world!

Breath of the Wild: J.B. dungeon

But you can...see me? I didn't know your kind could see the children of the forest!

Experimenting with the new magnetic ability I spotted a lump of metal in one of the nearby ponds, so I pulled it out thinking it was another crate. Except it was just a lump and chained to a pillar to boot. After playing around a bit I wondered if I could balance it on top of the pillar - well, it turned out the pillar was hollow, and on doing so out popped a Korok! Well, that answers one question I've been wondering which is where does Breath of the Wild fit in the Zelda timeline - it must be around Wind Waker. Where did I put Hyrule Historia... right, that's the Adult timeline where Ganon was defeated, and presumably after Hyrule was flooded because that's when the Kokiri became the Koroks. I'd actually go as far as to say after Spirit Tracks as the world is most definitely not flooded anymore, and at one point there was fairly advanced technology (though the current state is rather post-apocalyptic).

I'm probably over-thinking everything again... but like Twilight Princess, the setting intrigues me...

Anyway, on with the shrines. I had a look from the tower and marked out a few likely spots on the map - it's incredibly handy being able to look at a point and tag it on the map. In Skyward Sword I improvised by orientating the map in the direction I was looking and dropping a line of markers down, then triangulating from another vantage point, but here I can just point the slate and drop a marker exactly in the right place. Neat!

Of course, it helps if I manage to mark the correct things. The first point I earmarked turned out to not contain a shrine, but instead some giant golem thing with far too much health for my liking. I poked it a bit, discovered that my arrows were doing nothing like enough damage, and decided to leg it given that it was well out of my class this early on in the game.

The next point I'd marked was the Eastern Abbey, and this did indeed contain a shrine - the Ja Baji Shrine, with the Bomb Trial. That went fairly well, except when I hit the drop button instead of throw and then detonated a bomb Link was standing on. They've been upgraded from "mildly hazardous for the player" to "terminally hazardous" which I felt was rather unfair. Anyway, another Spirit Orb collected and I left the shrine to discover one of the spider robot things had activated and turned into some super-powered Beamos. Not only does shooting it in the eye not destroy it (it merely stuns it slightly and does a little damage), but when it attacks it does a ludicrous amount of damage. Again, well and truly out of my challenge rating this early on.

Breath of the Wild: O.D. dungeon
In the run-up to release I saw more than one blog commenting on the similarities between Breath of the Wild and Princess Mononoke, and while it certainly does call that to mind, I've actually been seeing more of a Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind vibe with a side order of Laputa: Castle in the Sky. It's the ruined landscape, with the decaying spider robots. In Nausicaä there's a scene where the people have angered Ohmus - giant possibly-robot creatures - and those swept across the land in a rampage until they fell apart/died. Here there's lots of spider robots that give the impression of having continued until they just ran out of energy.

The Temple of Time particularly shows this, as while from the Shrine of Resurrection it appeared intact, on the other side spider-robots have torn down the walls before collapsing, and are now covered in moss and decay. Inside however is a very much intact statue of Hylia - and that's interesting, because Hylia was only part of the Zelda mythos in Skyward Sword. All the other games had Nayru, Farore, and Din. I suppose rather than trying to retcon the previous games, this could be revealing part of the Hyrulean history that's been lost over generations (like how in Wind Waker, the original knowledge of the Triforce had been lost and instead people knew of the Triumph Forks)?

I'm definitely over-thinking everything now...

Praying at the statue informs me that there will be some sort of reward if I get the rest of the Spirit Orbs, so onwards and upwards! The Owa Daim Shrine is on the edge of Mount Hylia, half-way up a sheer cliff. Now Link can climb very well, but trying to get to it from the ground would chew stamina and so I approached from the top, stocking up on plenty of Spicy Peppers - if you cook them, then the resulting dish gives cold resistance for a time. I'd been ignoring the temperature gauge thinking it was just the visual version of flavour text, but no, it's actually relevant.

Inside this shrine is the Stasis Trial, and the new skill is time manipulation! Specifically, being able to temporarily pause the motion of an object. An extra twist is while the object is frozen you can impart momentum to it (in the case of a boulder, by whacking it a few times with a hammer) without it moving. When it unfreezes all the stored energy is applied at once. Quite handy when something's too heavy to push around by hand.

Now all I need to do is work out how to get to the final trial! I'm fairly certain I know where it is - on the far side of Mount Hylia, so quite a trek across a frozen landscape. It might be approachable from the north if I can work out how to cross the River of the Dead...

Your resourcefulness in overcoming this trial speaks to the promise of a hero...
Ja Baji

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