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Red 2741: Millennium Dome, cats, and rainbows, with bonus scanner repair

It's been a while since the last random film post, because my film scanner started making horrible droning noises and was failing to scan negatives correctly. It turns out there's a known issue with Nikon Coolscans, in that whatever lubricant they used in it gums up with age and makes the scanner mechanism stick. I'd previously tried opening it up and manually running the x-axis stepper back and forth but that was no longer helping so it was time for a more determined disassembly...

The culprit is the lower metal rail here. I gave it a generous spray of WD-40 Dry PTFE, and also added a little to the screw thread of the stepper (hidden underneath the rail). To get at this side you have to take the main PCB off - I followed the guide here.

On the other side, the rail beneath the spring also got a dose of PTFE spray. For good measure I also put a drop of 3-in-1 oil on the bearing for the stepper motor and then worked the mechanism back and forth a few times by hand.

Das komputermaschine ist nicht für der gefingerpoken und mittengraben!

With that done it's time for another random film! Today's guinea pig is Red 2741, a roll of Kodak Gold 400-6 that dates from the turn of the millennium! This film has aged somewhat and the profile in Vuescan gives a rather greenish cast, but enabling Restore Fading gives pretty decent colours. It's actually doing a better job than some of the film profiles do...

I've no idea where this was taken - probably one of the many gardens we did family outings to on sunny days.

This particular film is somewhat special, as it contains photos of a place that no longer exists: the Crystal Millennium Dome! Okay, so it does still exist, but none of the exhibits do. I actually got to go twice - we went early in the year as a grand family outing, and then sometime in autumn I got a decent discount on tickets (from Boots, I think) and so we went again!


This might have been meant to represent nerves?

Some random views of the dome. I don't have many photos of the actual exhibits unfortunately.

I remember the Play zone - they had a giant variant of pong (was it protecting sheep from a wolf by moving a fence up and down?) that was played by the entire audience. We all got given reflective batons with a green and a red side, and then they divided the audience into two teams. Holding the baton up with one colour facing the stage moved the bat up, while the other colour moved it down. So to get to somewhere in the middle half our team had to show one colour and the other half the other colour. Let the hilarious fail commence!

I also remember they had some voting survey system - you got given a card with a 2D barcode on it (a Snowflake code? I think it was something Marconi had come up as a replacement for the traditional barcode) and there were lots of kiosks that asked a yes/no-style question and recorded the result by using the card as an ID tag. At the end there was an exhibit where you could get a printout of your results and see how they compared.

That's it for the dome - I really didn't take many photos at all! Have a random cat photo instead - this is Tigger, demonstrating the bestest box to snooze in.

And this is Silver, either asking for tummy rubs or warning of imminent savaging if one dares to try. Or probably both.

Sunbeam! rain...

...equals rainbow! The line isn't a scanner glitch, but rather the phone line for the house.

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