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DPD fail!

Well, that's annoying. DPD just sent me an email saying they failed to deliver my order because no-one was available to sign for it... except I was there and I didn't hear the doorbell go. Fine, so the ninja delivery drivers strike again! Or not... because the tracking page thoughtfully included a blurry photo of where they've left the calling card:

That's not my flat. That's not my neighbour's flat either, or for that matter any building on my road. As it happens I do recognise it - it's a set of flats on another road with a completely different name a few minutes walk away with a different postcode.

I got in touch with ShopTo's customer service (with almost no waiting!) - they seemed equally puzzled by the whole thing but the best they could suggest was wait and see if DPD redeliver successfully on Monday, or get it sent to a DPD Pickup Shop for tomorrow (which I can achieve without the misdelivered calling card). So pickup tomorrow it is!

Edit: Eurogamer is reporting many fails with DPD deliveries today. Shame, DPD are normally a lot more competent than this.
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