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Twilight Princess HD: temple 2!

I really ought to hurry up with these write-ups - as it is, I'm going to have a fourth in-progress Zelda game soon to blog...

It... grieved us to do this to our patriarch... but we had no other course of action.
Gor Coron

Finally! After defeating the leader at sumo (that is when I remembered to actually wear the Iron Boots - without them the sumo contest was a hilarious fail), I can get into the mines. What they're mining, I have no idea... but in typical dungeon fashion the Gorons pay absolutely no attention to health and safety and will merrily build catwalks that are on fire and routes that involve jumping over pools of lava. Eh, I suppose for them it's not a problem as the Gorons are more-or-less fireproof rock-people. Doesn't do any favours for Link though, and there's no Goron Tunic either.

As I mentioned, this dungeon's main mechanic is electromagnets on cranes - there's several puzzles involving activating cranes and electromagnets to make your way around the place. There's also magnetic rock, complete with one room where I get to walk on the ceiling. Handling the transitions between normal and upside-down are a little tricky - the controls are intelligent and you'll keep moving in the same direction as long as you're pushing the stick, but let it centre and the controls reset. The camera view also makes finding my way through the maze a bit awkward, as the camera doesn't rotate.

Oh, and Link is apparently part-cat as he immediately flips right-way up when you put the Iron Boots away. He does give the impression of being very light on his feet, too...

As well as the Iron Boots, this is also the dungeon where I get a bow! I now have my horseback archer Link! Sadly not with Wiimote controls, though I do get gyro aiming which partially makes up for it. Come to think of it, that makes four Zelda games with completely different archery controls: Ocarina of Time with analogue stick, the original Twilight Princess with pointer aiming, Skyward Sword with motion controls, and now Twilight Princess HD with gyro aiming. My favourite is either pointer aiming or motion controls - pointer aiming is by far the easiest, but I do like the way motion controls are a simulation of an actual bow. The reduced emphasis on the Wiimote with the Wii U is a bit of a shame, as when games properly made use of it it was a very nice control system.

Anyway, Goron Mines. There's the usual bit of backtracking and "where do I go next", which was certainly not helped on my first playthrough by having watched a pre-release demo of the Wii in Brighton's Churchill Square - they had several games set up including Twilight Princess, and that had a segment from the Goron Mines to play through. In particular it had the outdoor room with a few Bulbin Archers, and a puzzle that was solved (if I remember rightly) with the Gust Boomerang. Of course in the released game there's no such puzzle and instead a Beamos to scare away the under-equipped. Looking back at my post from 2006 (now with the photos finally uploaded!), it's amusing to see what I did and didn't get right from it - no Starfox Adventures item system!

The final boss - Fyrus - I'm sure was easier last time. In theory it's simple enough - shoot the obvious red gem, grab hold of one of the chains and trip him up while he's wandering around, then smash his face in (which now I write it strikes me as a very unfriendly way to "heal" the leader of the Gorons. Let's just not mention this to him) - but Fyrus is fast and gyro aiming is slower than pointer aiming. Plus actually grabbing onto the chains is tricky as you need to be wearing the Iron Boots before grabbing them so as to be able to stick to the floor, but because it's a magnetic floor you walk very slowly with them and it's all too easy to end up with the chains just out of reach. Still, I defeated him in the end and got hold of the next Fused Shadow. I'm still unconvinced that collecting these is a good idea...

It still appalls me that this world of light is controlled by that princess. A carefree youth, a life of luxury... How does that teach duty?
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