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Twilight Princess HD: still heading to temple 2

A weak spirit is no match for the might of the Gorons! Do you understand me, human? Then away with you!
Goron guard

Haha. Well that didn't go to plan - the Gorons very determinedly threw me out before I could get anywhere. So it's back to Ordon, partially because Mayor Bo apparently has managed to beat the Gorons and partially to let them know that the children are safe. Except before that... Epona appears! And is must upset about having been ridden by some Bulbins, so there's a short sequence of trying to match the movement to avoid being thrown off. It's a bit like the Test of Fear trial from Starfox Adventures, except a lot more tolerant - the Starfox Adventures trial was hard.

Anyway, so these particular Gorons are fans of sumo wrestling, and the way to beat them is to try and shove them out of the ring. Except that's not going to work as they're much stronger and will knock me out in one hit. But Mayor Bo has a secret answer to this... Iron Boots (which conveniently are only heavy when Link's actually wearing them)! They're more usually associated with a water dungeon than a fire one, but I'm sure they'll come in handy. Actually, come to think of it one mechanic in the Goron Mines is electromagnets and the boots are used with those. Ah, the fun of writing these posts when I already know what's going to happen next.

You can also pop in on the other villagers in Ordon and tell them that the children are (mostly) safe. It's nice that the interactions with the characters change as the game goes on. While in Ordon I also pick up the next hidden skill - the Shield Attack. I find this easier to trigger with the WiiU controls - while on the Wii moving the nunchuck forwards to do a shield bash makes perfect sense it's also quite tricky to get the movement right (in Skyward Sword this was even more critical as your shield actually took damage if you didn't block correctly).

Right, so back to Kakariko... and straight into more drama, as King Bulbin has turned up and is making trouble. And it's time for an epic chase all over Hyrule Field, which would be oh so much easier if I actually had a bow by now. But alas I do not, and so have to try and close with him - I'm sure this was a lot easier last playthrough. Finally after losing far too much health to the random Bulbins on boars I whittle down King Bulbin, and we end up quite literally jousting across the Bridge of Eldin to save Colin, complete with epic victory pose once I defeat King Bulbin! Nice!

After all that, I can finally head back up the passage to Death Mountain, leaving a trail of rather unhappy Gorons in my wake (do they keep on rolling down until they reach the bottom?), and into the Goron City itself. And perhaps, finally into the mines!

I... I think I finally understand.
I understand what my dad meant when he told me I needed to be stronger, like you, Link...
He wasn't talking about strength, like lifting stuff. He was talking about being brave...

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