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Pasta night with SCIENCE BREAD

Pasta night! I had another go at SCIENCE BREAD, this time with actual butter instead of margarine - consensus was a success, but needs quite a bit more garlic butter in it. I also tried Sainsbury's instead of Tesco's tiger baton - I think in this case, Tesco's is a better choice for turning into garlic bread.

Why is it SCIENCE BREAD? Well, back when I first had a try at home-made garlic bread I said it was an experiment, hence SCIENCE.

Games-wise, my group played Dominion (specifically the Seafarer's Expansion) while the other group played Ticket to Ride. I thoroughly won the first round with a couple of well-timed plays of Treasure Map giving me a total of 8 gold, at which point I hoovered up most of the Province victory point cards (my only regret with the cards we used is that I didn't have anything to give me extra buys, otherwise at one point I could have picked up two Province cards in one turn!). Second round with the same cards went less well for me as the Treasure Maps stubbornly refused to show up at the same time - the mechanic for Treasure Map is you need two in hand at which point they turn into 4 gold.

We also discovered a bit of a flaw in the Voteamabob, in that it's quite hard for a game that only some of the group like to be picked. This is more of an issue when there's enough of us to split into two groups - as an example, tonight Boss Monster was the top three pick for just under half the group and rated at the bottom by the remainder, giving it the worst score despite some of us actually quite wanting to play it. Hence why Settlers, Ticket to Ride, and Dominion show up so often - most of us rate them in the top half and so they get a better score than more divisive games. We'll have to come up with a better algorithm than just "sum the scores and lowest wins"...

The evening ended with a couple of rounds of One-night Werewolf, with great success at sussing out the werewolves. In the first couple of rounds we very quickly deduced who everyone was, while the final round became rather confusing with three people claiming to be Masons, with the obvious contradiction of there only being two Mason roles (and the actual Mason claimed that only one of them was in play). The werewolves lost that round as well.
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