Thomas (boggyb) wrote,

St-t-t-t-t-tuttering sound

I've been getting fed up of an annoying sound problem here (the sound sometimes crackles, usually but not always in relation to activity on the usb bus), and so decided to do some digging. And guess what I found? There's a nasty data corruption bug involving a VIA 686B southbridge (which I have) and a Creative Live card (which I also have). Various BIOS and driver patches fixed this, but in doing so made the creative cards worse! I've a feeling this may be related to a problem I'm having with my graphics card as well (any drivers beyond about 42.30 will lock the computer if a game changes resolution, apparently also a VIA-related bug).

Well, I don't actually use any of the features of the sound card (only have a stero speaker setup, so all I gain is hardware processing and on a Creative card that's not always good), so I've decided to pull it out and go back to the onboard sound which worked. Maybe then I'll be able to update the graphics drivers too...

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