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Relocating to Australia?!

So in relation to the ongoing saga I've been making various decisions. Some have obvious yes answers (get in touch with $WORK-1? Of course, they're practically right next door), some have obvious no answers (apply to $OUTFIT? No, terrible commute and I've got better options to try first), and some just appear out of nowhere and make one go "um.....".

This particular one is a message that dropped into my Linkedin inbox, from a fairly well-known company in the software development community, saying that some particular aspects of my profile had sparked their interest and they had some roles that might be of interest. I've had a look at their openings and they do indeed fit, and ordinarily it'd be a fairly obvious decision to follow it up.

Except... they're based in Australia.

On the one hand it's a great opportunity. But on the other hand... do I really want to relocate to Australia? Probably not, for many reasons... but then again, it could work out...

Poll #2062879 Relocating to Australia?!

Should I go for it?

Do it!
My opinion is far too nuanced for such simple phrases as "do it" or "noooo"!

Ticky box?

No poll is complete without a ticky box!
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