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Twilight Princess HD: en route to temple 2

I don't know why I'm avoiding spoilers in the title, surely everyone knows the plot by now...

Link is coming to save us all! ...I can feel it!

Right, time to venture into Hyrule proper (this time not as a wolf) and on to Eldin Province. Which of course is covered in more Twilight, so there's another bug hunt before I can get there. And of course the bridge is out, so I have to fix that first. Fortunately there's a handy set set of Twilight things to splat and turn into a portal to use to drop the bridge back into place from where someone put it in Faron Woods.

The bug hunt is fairly straightforward - I felt a bit mean about having to open the secret passage full of monsters (which terrifies everyone hiding in the Shaman's House, because of course they can't see you), and then a bit more mean about accidentally destroying Barnes' warehouse (though it did result in splatting not one but three bugs, so there's that). The hunt continues up the passage through Death Mountain with the traditional hazard of falling boulders, and the slightly less traditional hazard of an enormous lump of almost-molten rock that gets flung at you.

Along the way I tripped across the first Howling Stone. This is another bit where I just really like how it's all handled - after howling at the stone once (here the tune is the Song of Healing from Majora's Mask which is very apt), you're transported to an outcropping high above the land of Hyrule, and facing you in the distance is the golden wolf that is the twilight form of the Hero's Shade. After singing/howling the song together, the golden wolf leaps down into Hyrule ready for you to find it and learn another skill.

Anyway, with that all completed, bugs squashed, and Tears of Light gathered, I've restored yet another part of Hyrule. Onwards to the Goron Mines of Moria!

Hmm... I don't suppose there's any nicer way to hunt these things, huh?
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