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The interminable saga

In today's hilarity, it appears that all estimates for upcoming timescales of Important Decisions and Important Letters have just gone out of the window. There are certain Obligations that can't easily be disregarded, and one particular Obligation appears to be being extended. Certainly it will last longer than the Process was ever expected to run for.

This leaves something of a conundrum. On one hand, there are certain incentives that only occur if the Process is followed to the very end. But on the other hand, there are options that may come to fruition earlier than the Process... and the incentives from the Process are not particularly incentivising. Decisions, decisions.

In other news, we had a visit from a consultant who can provide services relating to the Process. It was actually rather informative, and the services look to be very useful. Unfortunately the services don't become available until the Process has reached a certain point, which is now looking further off than expected... but nonetheless I shall keep them in mind.
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