Thomas (boggyb) wrote,

Things beginning with a letter meme!

Once upon a time rustica gave me a surprisingly tricky letter D... and this post disappeared into the pile of half-written posts, until today when I decided to go through them.

Something I hate: Disease.

Something I love: Discoveries. There's always more to discover.

Somewhere I've been: Dublin. Though I'm not entirely sure it counts, as I was there for all of a few hours while changing between a train and a ferry, but I have been there and did have enough time for a short stroll along Custom House Quay and back.

Somewhere I'd like to go: Dublin, but properly with enough time to actually see stuff.

Someone I know: Dan, from my Brighton days.

A film I like: Dead Man's Chest (the 2nd Pirates of the Caribbean film), for those little moments of awesome in it and for a soundtrack which involved plumbing an entire orchestra through a guitar amp.

Comment for a letter!

And if you've just experienced a moment of deja-vu... the Matrix has you, Neo. Or perhaps I misposted this early and then deleted it?

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