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The incrementing saga

Well, we had an Important Conference Call on Tuesday which answered some questions and raised more ones. It's quite clear at this point what the decision is and in fact certain steps have been taken outside of this team that would make it very hard to do anything else.

It's also become very clear that certain justifications given are not the actual justifications for what is happening. Decisions were made months ago that have led up to this point. Which again makes one wonder what the point of the Process is if the Process is not being correctly followed.

Today we had individual Important Calls to continue with the Process. I exercised my right to have a representative present during my call which The Bringers Of The Letters seemed to take in their stride (my aim was to have another record should the content of the call be disputed - the saga is something of a learning experience, and Tuesday's lesson was don't assume the minutes are complete unless you wrote them). This was probably a better idea than what someone else had for ensuring they had a record of the content of the call - their idea was flatly shot down and they are now escalating things as a result.

Anyway, in my call I took the opportunity to point out that I was not impressed with the Process, but other than that the call was actually productive - various numbers have been clarified (or not - much will depend on the wording of an as-yet unknown Important Document), various timescales or lack thereof have been clarified, and the saga continues in hilarious fashion with no formal end date.
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